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We finally tallied all the bird species we saw, and there were 360.  We didn't come primarily to rack up an impressive count, but with Anthony, it is impossible not to!  He is obsessed with birds!  He knows the species, where to find them, and has incredibly sharp eyes.  But you already knew that.  If we were fanatical birders who needed a few African species to complete our list, we would pick Anthony as a guide.

 The Driver was an extremely good driver; as good as we've ever seen.  He is as safety conscious as possible in the varying conditions, and he is very easy on the vehicle.  He also knows birds, and spots more than his share of them even while driving.  He has a great sense of humor, and is never moody.

We would not hesitate to recommend Birding and Beyond to any serious birder who contemplates a birding safari to Kenya or Tanzania.  We think that the major strengths of your company lie in the fact that you know where the birds can be found, and have the right personnel to point them out to birders.  This is of great value to those working on their lists. 

Because of the travel and guide books we've authored and the promotional films we produced in various countries for an international adventure travel company, we have a readership and audience following.  If we can be of service to you as a reference, you have our permission to place our name and email address on your website.

Don & Laurie Skillman


May 21, 2007 USA




..... Amazing job.Though we were all non birders on this tour,we experienced great moments all the time of the tour.
Our Driver called this a" Beyond ..." part of the Birding and Beyond Safaris... the mammals and anything else non avian was the beyond,yet watching the colourfull birds was the "Birding".At the end of the tour it was birding & beyond.
Great places,great animal spotting and great organization...
We will recommend birding & beyond safaris.

Mhairi and Neil

Email: m_longridge@hotmail.com



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