BIRDING: A new specialty in East African Safaris

BIRDING & BEYOND SAFARIS is a specialized Bird watching operator in East African Safaris. Our target market circles around all categories of Bird watchers around the world, we take amateurs and Veteran Birders alike, however, we take Wildlife Safaris along side. We organise individual, private and large group wildlife tours for Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda Trips. In addition we run and outfit Walking Safaris, Cultural, Educational, Honeymooner Packages, Big Game Photography, Mountain Climbing to Popular summits and Peaks on Mt Kilimanjaro and Mt Meru in Tanzania, Mt Kenya in Kenya and Mt Rwenzori in Uganda. We welcome Tailor made programmes from Bird Watching and Wildlife Tour Companies and Agents Overseas, as well as individual and private Birders and Big Game Viewers with interest in East African Bird Watching trips and Wild Life. We would therefore be very grateful if you considered us as your ground safari outfitter for Tanzania, Kenya or Uganda Many of our Safari Packages and Itineraries aim at maximizing the coverage of Fauna and Flora to make the Safari time for you become a unique experience. We change your Dreams towards Nature, and for the Birders, we “ stop for birds, and don’t just zoom around” Yet the number of participants on each tour is kept minimal so as to guarantee personal attention. We do our best to work within Eco Tourism guide lines and at the same time do stimulate and enrich your life in many ways not available by any traditional travel. Discover natural environments, diverse wildlife, different cultures and Traditions, and new friendship while of safari… For new birders, just feel free, our guides are special Teachers who ensure that every one on the Tour sees all the birds and learns to Identify them, they are willing to spend time describing or pointing out a bird species in particular… We will of course take you to the most popular destinations in Tanzania to include the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire, Lake Manyara and Arusha, but we will not forget rarely visited sites such as: Usambara Mountain Forests, Udzungwa and Uluguru Eastern Arc Mountains – an the Kilombero Flood plains, these are new, unspoilt jungles for scenic lovers and Birdwatchers alike where new and endemic Bird species and plants have been recorded in very recent years yet others are yet to be described by science.
Last but not least, we find it irresistible not to whisper to you the secret of our success being a combination of excellently maintained fleet of Safari Vehicles that include 4WD Specially designed Safari Minibuses, Land Cruisers and Land Rovers with seating capacity 2+ 2 + 2+1 and 2+2+1 respectively with popup roofs and guaranteed window seats...which is a must for birders. We very well know that poor safari vehicle conditions have been one of the many other causes of bad experiences to many visitors on African Safaris. The other factor which has kept our reputation (which we are too proud of and jealously guard against) is our carefully selected Team of professionally trained local guides and Drivers who speak good English with abundant knowledge of Birds, Wildlife, African cultures and Traditions... Your continued visits keep adding to their experiences. Meanwhile we do not forget the fact that " we cannot fully spell S-CCESS without U our clients both new and repeat visitors". You are the main factor behind our excel. We look forward to your forth-coming birding and Wild Life trip to East Africa.

"Our Experience is what makes us unique" 




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